Frequently Asked Questions

See the frequently asked questions below. If you need any more information please go to contact us or to book a test click here.

What is the CITB health, safety and environment test?

To obtain a CSCS Card you must complete a CITB Health, Safety and Awareness test. The CITB test takes 45 minutes. It is a multiple choice test with 50 questions.

Where is my nearest test centre?

You can find your nearest test centre by going to the test centre locations tab, click here

Can I reschedule my test?

If the candidate wishes to reschedule the test the candidate must do this at least 72 hours with no exceptions before the scheduled test date and time. The candidate will be unable to reschedule within 72 hours before the start of the scheduled test date. There will be no charge for rescheduling the test by emailing [email protected] outside of the 72 hour penalty period. Reschedules made via telephone booking line 0344 994 4400 will incur a £5 reschedule fee. The help desk is open from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday, excluding Bank holidays. 


Will I get a refund If I cancel?

If you cancel your test within 4 days of the test date no refund can be given. If the cancellation is over 4 days until your test date a refund for each test booked can be given minus £20 administration charge. You may want to consider rescheduling your test instead of cancelling by looking at the information in the “can I reschedule my test” box above. 

For CSCS Card applications it is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct documentation before submitting your application. Once a CSCS card application is submitted no refund can be given. 

For CSCS online Green Card courses no refund can be given as we send out your login instructions immediately. Even if you have not received your login instructions, we have still requested them from the awarding body and this incurs a non-refundable charge. 

If an agent has attempted to contact you multiple times, has attempted to complete your application or you do not provide the information needed, the admin fee will increase to £20 for any refunds. If you have not submitted information requested within 30 days no refund will be given. 




What If I fail the test?

If you fail the test you can book another test 3 days after your initial test. If you fail we recommend buying revision material. A link can be found on the below tab. To book your new test click here 

Where can I buy revision materials?

You can buy CITB test revision material by clicking here 

Which test do I need to take?

To find out which test you need to take go to the which test tab by clicking here 

What is the CSCS Green card?

The CSCS Green Card is an entry level CSCS Card which allows you to gain access to construction sites in the UK. 

Getting a CSCS Green Card is a simple three step process:

  1. Book in a CITB health, safety and environment Operatives test at your local test centre
  2. Complete the online CSCS Green Card course
  3. Apply for a CSCS Card

To get more information on CSCS Green Card click here 


What Identification do I need to take on the day?

Identification Requirements Candidates are required to bring one form of identification listed below bearing a photograph and signature.

  • A valid passport of any nationality with a photograph of the candidate and their signature – must be no more than 6 months out of date
  • A valid UK only driving license with a photograph of the candidate and the candidate’s signature – must be no more than 6 months out of date

If a candidate does not have one of these he or she will need two items of valid ID (no more than 6 months out of date), one from List A and one from List B below:

List A

  • Non UK Driving License Passport without signature
  • Work ID Card
  • EU Country ID Card
  • CITB Scheme Card Student
  • ID Card Citizen Card
  • Trade Union Card
  • British Armed Forces Card
  • Proof of Age Card
  • Young Scots Card

List B

  • Credit Card Debit Card
  • Paper Driving License
  • UK Travel Document
  • Inland Revenue Card
  • National Insurance Card
  • HMRC letter B79 Notification of Discharge Letter
  • Bank Statement
  • Building Society Passbook
  • Cheque Guarantee Card

Photocopies of ID will not be accepted.

Can I book a CSCS/CITB test using this service?

Yes you can book a CITB test to obtain a CSCS Card using this service, to book a test click here

Why do people call it the CSCS test?

The CITB Health, Safety and Environment test is often referred to as the CSCS test because once completed candidates can apply for a CSCS Card. There is no CSCS test. 

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